Your verbatim at the service of the customer experience 

Easily identify your strengths and areas for improvement with the analysis of your customer verbatim

The verbatim of your customers are a particularly interesting source to have a vision of the performance of your brand. Indeed, by putting the voice of the customer at the heart of your strategy, you improve your customer knowledge, and thus improve thecustomer experience. Indeed,the analysis of customer feedback allows you to identify the points appreciated by your customers and the irritants.

Make analyzed customer data an asset for your growth !

Analyser, classer et mesurer la satisfaction de vos client grâce à notre équipes d'expert.

With UpMyShop!

The analysis of customer verbatim can be long and tedious in the case of a manual analysis. However,with the UpMyShop! you have a powerful and scalable semantic analysis tool based on a semantic analysis engine coupled with machine learning in order to process verbatim in a few minutes. Thus,you have a consolidated view of the voice of the customer ofall the points of sale and a view at the granularity of each point of sale. It is the essential tool to feed effective action plans. Moreover, with the detection of the tone of the verbatim, the themes can be classified positively or negatively. A keyword cloud also makes it possible to identify and visualize the words most frequently cited in reviews.

Analyser vos verbatim et vos avis clients grâce à notre système d'analyse sémantique. Notre plateforme d'avis client vous permet de classer et analyser vos avis clients.

An analysis and classification tool :

  • Real-time analysis and categorization of customer feedback to provide you with a clear vision
  • An advanced filter engine for a detailed and granular analysis of your customer reviews by theme
Les verbatim de vos clients et feedbacks clients afin de mesurer la satifaction de vos clients en temps réel.

Improved customer experience :

  • Immediate visualization of strengths and areas for improvement in terms of the quality of the customer experience
  • A translation of customer opinions into insights and an action plan that can be directly activated for your company