Why join Customer Labs?

Customer LABS is a human-sized company that gives priority to well-being and-personal development. Indeed, the company is based on collaborative management. Each employee has a role to play in the company.

It puts an important point on the values ​​and commitments of each. It also relies heavily on the development of its employees.

Also its objective is to put its customers at the heart of its concerns. Indeed, it is based on the principle of symmetry of attention the quality of the relationship between a company and its customers is symmetrical to the quality of the relationship of this company with its employees.

Thus, to put its customers at the heart of its concerns, it must first take care of the well-being of its employees.

Working for Customer LABS means joining a healthy growing company and working in a spirit and sharing with passionate and involved co-workers.

This is why communication is the key word of this company. She is based on the agile method and thinks that for a project to be successful, it is essential to share, brainstorm and iterate to achieve the best possible result.

It supports creativity, the idea is to give life to its projects. Also, no one is perfect and there is room for error..

To find the right balance between professional and personal life, at Customer LABS it is possible to telecommute..

Also, to ensure stability, at Customer LABS, each employee can project themselves because internal development is encouraged. The company is in a process of continuous improvement..

Finally, at Customer LABS, respect for others is essential ! This is why it advocates diversity and parity. The company fights against all forms of discrimination.

Find our job offers :

développeur PHP SF2

Symfony PHP Developer

Customer LABS is currently looking for a PHP – Symfony developer to strengthen its technical team. Your...
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community manager

Community Manager (F/H)

Dans le cadre de notre activité, l’équipe Customer LABS recherche un Community Manager (F/H) !...
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chef de projet

SAAS functional project manager (M/F)

Who are we ? Expert in managing customer relations, the startup Customer-LABS allows...
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business developer

Business developer

Customer LABS is an innovative start-up, which has developed a B2C solution to collect...
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Our 3 recruitment commitments :

  • First, we are convinced that our diversity will contribute to our successes.
  • Secondly, we are committed to systematically responding to your application.
  • Finally, we are committed to offering you a benevolent recruitment process.

Integrate Customer LABS :

  • It means enjoying pleasant offices
  • But also working in a sustainable and responsible environment
  • It also means working in a start-up spirit, in a good mood with involved and committed employees
  • And meet passionate professionals


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Message from Valérie Segretain, Co-founder and CEO of Customer LABS

" We are constantly on the lookout for new talent willing to join innovative and ambitious projects. Before recruiting experts, we first recruit personalities, people who share the same work values. "


Word from Can Omur, Co-founder and CTO of Customer LABS

“We are convinced that working in synergy and in an agile way allows us to better understand project management. Joining us means having the desire to participate in innovative and challenging collective projects. "