About us

Our history

For 20 years, we helped retailers with their strategy, we have noticed that the customer relationship has changed. Indeed, with the arrival of pure-players and the emergence of new social networks, a transformation has taken place. New uses such as customer reviews have become very impactful for your brand image. In addition, it is therefore important to stay informed about everything that is said. To limit the loss of your customers as much as possible, it is essential to manage negative reviews in order to react as quickly as possible. In the end, the objective is to transform as many of them as ambassadors.

The satisfaction of your customers, our priority !                                                    Thus, the startup Customer LABS was born from the association between Valérie SEGRETAIN with 20 years of experience in retail and Can OMUR, who has been working for more than 9 years in the world of the web. Both motivated and passionate, they have designed THE all-in-one customer relationship management solution for you.


Our Goal

Experts in customer relations, we offer you our personalized customer relationship management solution, which will allow you to measure the satisfaction of your customers. So, how about a turnkey solution to collect, centralize and process all of your customer reviews? We do not stop there, since to be 100% transparent with your dear customers, we follow the rules for publishing online reviews governed by the AFNOR NF Services standard.

Our Team

The success of Customer LABS lies in the fact that each member of the team has complementary skills. Thus, each employee brings expertise in his field of work. Team spirit being the key word of the company !

Helping you to improve your customer satisfaction is our main goal !

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