Your key performance indicators

Gain in performance thanks to an easy and fast follow-up of your points of sale 

The definition of effective KPIs (key performance indicators) is one of the main concerns of main concerns of companies. Indeed, this quantified performance indicator makes it possible tomonitor the effectiveness of an action in relation to defined objectives. It is therefore the way to understand what works or not and to make the right decisions quickly to improve customer satisfaction. It is therefore essential to exploit them, to understand them to feed your strategy and to translate them into action plans.

It is therefore essential to be able to define the right measurement of tools to monitor your performance indicators in order to make the best decisions for your business.

Outils de mesure satisfaction client- Comment mesurer la satisfaction client ?

With UpMyShop!

Our UpMyShop! suite restores the relevant indicators of all statistical information and semantic analysis in real time on the platform or also in the form of periodic reports. Sent automatically by email, these reports highlight changes highlight the evolution of the indicators. They also allow you to classify your places each month according to their main indicators. Indeed, we natively offer standard reports but we can also create with you reports adapted to your internal needs in order to offer you reports adapted to your internal needs in order to offer you the best visibility in the decision-making process. the best visibility in the decision-making process.

In conclusion, complete visibility is an essential element of understanding the voice of the customer to help you analyze its evolution and define appropriate action plans.

Plateforme d'avis clients UpMyShop! qui permet de mesurer les indicateurs de performance clés.

Data accessible to all :

  • Understandable, intelligible visuals restoring all the data collected.
  • An understanding facilitated by the transformation of raw data in large quantities into a clear message, which can be shared with the teams.
  • Possible analysis down to granularity, and personalization vs your organization.
  • A customer journey restored for a better understanding of their satisfaction.