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Boost your customer satisfaction with our customer relationship solution

Customer relationship management platform

Customer-Labs is a specialist in managing customer satisfaction. We are here to help you improve your customer satisfaction satisfaction with our UpMyShop!

Our teams of customer satisfaction experts are on hand to help you, collect customer reviews, manage positive and negative customer reviews, analyze trends in your customer reviews, but also assess your positioning in relation to your competitors ! 

Augmenter de la visibilité web grâce à notre équipe d'expert en relation client

Your online visibility

Win the preference of your customers by distributing reliable, up-to-date and relevant information on different customer review platforms from a centralized back office.

Outils de mesure de satisfaction client et d'e-reputation

Your e-reputation monitor

Know everything that is being said about your brand by collecting customer feedback in the right place and at the right time using UpMyShop! widgets, field surveys conducted by our teams and on all social networks.

UpMyShop!, une plateforme d'avis client qui permet de valoriser, répondre et engager vos clients.

Your responses to reviews that are 100% relevant

Engage your customers by effectively responding to all your customer feedback

Analyser, classer et mesurer la satisfaction de vos client grâce à notre équipes d'expert.

Your verbatim at the service of the customer experience

Identify your strengths and areas for improvement through semantic analysis.

Outils de mesure satisfaction client- Comment mesurer la satisfaction client ?

Your key performance indicators

Improve the performance of your point of sale with periodic monitoring.

Positionnement de vous et ses principaux concurrents en fonction de la note, du nombre d’avis.

Your competitive positioning

Stand out from your competitors by monitoring their satisfaction rating.