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The rating of your customers is essential, but are you paying due attention to that of your competitors ?
The vision of your competitive positioning is a major challenge ! 

In a changing context, the digitization of customer relations has redistributed the cards by giving customers control over the image and reputation of a company. Managing your e-reputation has become essential, especially when you know the impact of ratings, especially Google, displayed on the Internet. Today, we consult the opinions on several sites (on average we consult two sites: Google and the brand's website) by comparing the points of sale between them. It is therefore essential to master your own rating and know how you position yourself in relation to your local competitors at the granularity of the point of sale to have knowledge of the disparities of the network. Whoever gets the best score will acquire more leads and retain more customers.

Positionnement de vous et ses principaux concurrents en fonction de la note, du nombre d’avis.

With UpMyShop!

At a glance, you can see how your establishment is positioned even locally compared to all its direct competitors.

Our UpMyShop! solution monitors your competitors customer satisfaction, you identify your overall position and the position of your locations in relation to all your competitors. And to go further, we analyze the points of strength and weakness in your market. You thus have levers to define action plans. Over time, you will be able to follow the evolution of ratings and the number of reviews. 
All this information, allows you to identify good practices in your market. Once again, UpMyShop! returns this data to you with a very visual aspect depending on its nature and the type of associated analysis.

Vous démarquer de vos concurrents avec une vigie de leur note de satisfaction

Position yourself and surpass your competitors

  • Positioning of the place vs its main competitors according to the rating, the number of reviews
  • Your competition category average