Your Web Visibility

Develop your impact on the Internet with your customers and prospects by improving your SEO.

Develop your impact on the Internet with digital people to make their online purchasing decisions,
but also to find what they need nearby. Your visibility on Google is your main showcase, and your visibility on Google is your main showcase, is a priority. 

Therefore, up-to-date, well-informed and attractive Google pages are the basic contract for improving your e-reputation and enhancing your brand.

Augmenter de la visibilité web grâce à notre équipe d'expert en relation client

With UpMyShop!

Google represents 57,000 searches per second ! 46% of these searches are local searches, 80% of users search online before going to the store. Similarly, your potential buyers use Google to verify information about a business that meets their needs, its schedules, and its offers before going there. 

La fiche Google permet de pouvoir optimiser votre trafic web, e-commerce et physique dans chacune de vos zones de chalandise !

Be the first in local searches and included in the Google local pack thanks to relevant Google Business Profiles

  • Regularly updated content
  • Reliable information (timetables, openings, etc.)
  • Customer reviews collected and processed
  • Advanced drive to store features, for example :

To capture your potential buyers, it is essential that you are visible in the Google Local Pack which presents the 3 most relevant results in the eyes of Google. Optimizing your visibility on Google is a major challenge for your web, e-commerce and physical traffic in each of your catchment areas !

Exemple de store locator Autogrill qui permet de localiser les établissements de chaque aire.

A powerful store-locator to make it easier for your customers to find you 

  • Easy and centralized management
  • An interactive map for an easier customer experience
  • A route calculation for an efficient drive to store

The UpMyShop! sequel fully meets your piloting challenges.
Accompanied by our team of experts from consulting, you will be able to make the most of the tools available to you and manage your entire project with cutting-edge features using a single interface.